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Sweden - Sverige - Svedsko

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Sweden is


- nature is open and free for everybody.
What you can do:
pick up flowers, mushrooms and various berries, tent over one night out of the reach of sight from a house, light a fire, fish in the sea (not with a mesh) and in five of the Swedish largest lakes (e.g. Vattern), swimm, travel by a boat and alnd somewhere (if nobody lives in the nearby)
What you must not do:
leave rubbish in the nature (when you leave it should be the same as when you came), kill or hurt animals (but you can kill a fish, before you eat it :), destroy trees or bush,  pick up protected plants, go into someone's garden or field, make a fire on a rock (it destroys the rock) or when it's too dry (until you want to burn :)

Christmas ("Jul")

I have missed the Swedish Christmas, but there are few interesting things I know:
Something not coming from Sweden but very Swedish - on Christmas they watch the old cartoons with Donald duck.
They also have the same tradition as Germans (I'm not sure it isn't on New Year) - they watch "Dinner for One".

Some places in Sweden


        Is a beautiful town some 150km on south-west of Stockhlom and 50km north-east of Linkoping (20min by train). [Click on an image]
Norrkoping in the daytime    The "former industrial centre". You can see the river that was the source of power for many factories.
... and by night    But Norrkoping is nice also by night. Notice the "candels" in the background (former chimneies).
The museum of work    The yellow building "cutting" the river is the famous museum of work.
Nature in Norrkoping    Besides industry you can find there nature too (but, of course, only with the river :)


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