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Last change April 5, 2005 AD


This page is devoted to the programs I have made. They are not perfect, but they do work and the code can be useful (I hope I made enough comments so it's understandable).
All files contain source codes, some of them executables too. Some are in English, some in Czech.

All files are released under The GNU General Public License.

Security - signature verification

Some of the provided files have been signed so that you can verify they haven't been modified. I used GnuPG, which is fully compatible with PGP, for the signing. See my GnuPG notes to learn quickly how to verify the signature. The signature is stored in a *.asc file.

The verification process - run in the command line (download gpg first) to verify a downloaded filename:

gpg --keyserver <a key server> --search-key "jakub.holy"
gpg --verify filename.asc filename
gpg: Signature made Ne 7. listopad 2004, 22:39:57 CET using DSA key ID 93887B45   # or something similar
gpg: Good signature from "Jakub Holý (Student FEL ČVUT/FEE CTU Prague) <>"


Table of Content

Note: the information in [] brackets shows the state of the source:
- the program is in a production state, it's working and ready to be published.
- it's working, but the code needs to be cleaned up (remove uncommented code etc.) and perhaps better commented. Also some minor bugs may be present.


Filename [state] (size) size Date Description
6KB May 2004 A simple Windows application (either console or Win32) that runs another program with given arguments + arguments specified in the source code. It's useful if you want to run an application via a shortcut (.lnk) with certain arguments. Here it's used to run a Java aplication.
kyble.tar.bz2 [working] 15KB April 2003 Algorithm for solving the following problem: You have some buckets of different volumes and you can pour water in/out and from one bucket to another. Goal: get given volume of water in each. Use of STL. (2nd homework for 36PAA.)
knapsack.tar.bz2 [working] 92KB April 2003 Some algorithms for solving the knapsack problem: Dynamic Programming, Branch and Bound, Heuristic. Use of STL. (3rd homework for 36PAA.)


Filename [state] size Date Requires/
Tested with
bug_nopackage.jar [working] 10KB Jan. 2004
A lovely bug walking on the screen (don't be scared, it doesn't leave it's rectangular space), bumping the walls etc. It's an applet, but you can convert it easily into a stand-alone application.
worm.tar.gz [working] 48KB June 2002
Chat client + game. The chat is quite OK, though misses some important functionality. The game is OK too as long as you play only with yourselves (1 player). "Worm3D" doesn't work at all. Some ancient sockets code: PreRMICode_old.jar. [production] 101KB Feb 2005 Java>=1.4.1 Graphical user interface for SOM_PAK - a collection of programs for Kohonen's Self organizing maps (neural networks). A Czech mini-tutorial for visualization of SOM.
jEdit Plugins


4.3KB Nov 2004 jEdit>=4.2 Provides the folding mode "parenscomment" that folds blocks between '{' and '}' and multilline comments (either /* */ or //).
Compilation: unzip the .jar, enter the directory and run "ant dist -lib /path/to/directory/with/jedit.jar".

Bash, php and other scripts

Filename [state] Date Description [working] May 2004 [EN] Translates MS DOS-style path into cygwin-style path, optionally goes into the directory.
[working, a bit more shall implemented]
June 2004 [EN] PHP class(es) to transform a html form into a php form that remembers the values entered and to produce SQL querry for insertion of the data into a database.


Filename [state] size Date Description [working] 54KB Jan 1999 [EN] My first semester project, written in Pascal. There's a nice intro (a primitive but nice animation :-) The program is in Czech.
[CZ] Má první semestrálka v Pascalu (Odporový dělič+intro). Viz readme.txt.

by Jakub Holy 2002 AD