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The coat of arms of Ostrava


my hometown

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        I want to thank to all who contributed to the creation of this page, especially to the author of a non-official site of Ostrava (photos, information ...)

Basic data:


See the map of the Czech Republic (the very north and east).

Brief history

        The city was founded in the 2nd half of 13th century and for a long time it was small, unimportant town (neverthless it was probably on a map, because a Swedish army "visited" it 17th century). The birthday of Ostrava as it is was in 1763, when black coal was discovered there. A boom started (the most significant it was a bit later, after the World War I). Iron works were founded, railway was built, many people came to work there. The town expanded, absorbing one by ony surrounding villages. In the Communist period it was probably the paradise of Communists, because it was the city of labourers (miners were a kind of elit in those times) and of heavy industry (Czechoslovakia specialized in heavy industry, to make better tanks to defeat the bad capitalists :-).
        Now the mines are exhausted and the city is being transformed into a normal, balanced one with an important "3rd sector" (services etc.).

Views of Ostrava

    You can click on most of the photos to see them in the original size.


The center seen by a bird

The centre seen by a bird. The river is Ostravice river.

New Townhall (1930)   This is New townhall, finished in 1930. You can go onto the tower, there's a great view.
The square of T.G.Masaryk    Part of the square of T.G. Masaryk (the 1st president). It's the center of the center :)
The square of T.G.Masaryk - old townhall    The square of T.G. Masaryk - old townhall (the building with tower). Now there's a small museum.
The cathedrale    The cathedrale, seen by a bird.

Other parts

Housing Estate "Vyskovice"    This is in one of many housing estates (suburbs that used to be independent villages),  called "Vyskovice" . I live near to that place.
My grammar school - an ugly building    We've also many ugly buildings (the Comunists had a strange image of architecture). This is my former grammar school.
Typical prefabricated houses    Many people live in such - damned and critisized - prefabricated houses. If the picture was taken before 1990, nearly all would have had the same car.
"Privoz" seen by a bird    Another view by a bird - Privoz. A bit foggy, isn't it?

Industrial landscape

Fromer housing estate of labourers    Industrial district Vitkovice - former housing estate of labourers

Something special

The monument of the Red Army    Monument of the Red Army, who liberated Ostrava in the end of World War II.


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