The most boring lecture

B   elieve it or not, there are boring lectures in Sweden too. The worst one I’ve encountered was a Database lecture. It was so bad, that I had only three possibilities:    And because I neither wanted to move to the Lunatic asylum in Vadstena nor I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a Swedish prison, I tried to get rid of the destructive energy by drawing pictures.

DB Lecture for Idiots

  • To keep a record of the hard life of students, I rendered the atmosphere on the lecture
  • The size of head is proportional to the intelligence, which its owner believes to have (the guy in foreground is the teacher).
  • The black thing is a gun

Haven't survived

  • This drawing renders my yearn to escape from the lesson. Luckily I left on time.
  • The label reads ”Haven’t survived DB lesson”

Have a rest!

  • ”Don’t worry, be happy!” is what the prisoner wants to say.
  • And that’s all, folks!
                   The End