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You pay some 12SEK for 1 ticket (you pay it to the driver). In Resecentrum (the main bus&train station) you can buy a card and put some money on it and use this card for paying. It's cheaper.


In Skäggetorp, there is a shopping centre and next to it there are huge supermarkets of all kinds. MAXI store is the one you are interested in()actually there are 2 such shops, but I haven't tried the second one. There's also IKEA. When shopping, pay attention to the labels - sometimes they've an extra price, st. is e.g. 30% cheaper for few days.
You can also do shopping in Ryd (Ryd's centrum).It's quite good (and opened till 9pm), only some things are quite more expensive than in MAXI.


Gamla Linkoping, Domkyrkan (really beautiful cathedrale), museum, Garnison museum (army museum) ...


Guide to Linkoping



The information included in the ECTS Package (the list of courses) may happen not to be exact (at least 2 subjects mentioned there in reality didn't exist).

Timetables at LiTH

How to get your timetables (schedules):
1. go to
2. follow the link "Detaljschema"
3. select your period (e.g. "1 01-02" for the 1st quarter of the school year 2001-2002) and click to "Kombinerat schema med filter"
4. There's st. like a table with 2 columns. The left one contains student groups, the right one subjects.  Select your subject (Note: if the subject's name is "TDDB66", search for "DDB66" etc.) and press "Lagg till". On the top, a new column appears - it contains the names of groups of students (implicit is "(alla)", i.e. all) and left to it there is the name of the subject etc. and the button "ta abort" (cancel).
5. do the same as in 4. for the rest of your subjects
6. if you want to see a timetable for only one group of students, let's say ICI, so de-select the implicit "(alla)" in the column for a subject by clicking to it (it won't be black anymore) and click to the group you want (it shall become black). Ensure that "(alla)" is indeed not black (=selected).
7. press "Utfor sokningen" to see the timetable


Building C, in the back of the computer room
Building B, in the 'CYD Poolen', opposite to the Kvartersbibliotek (entrance 27 or 25). You probably don't have access there, but try to knock the door ...
Building D, in the corner close to the Zenit building


C husett (building C),Knutpunkten - the 1st entrance to the building. Public comp. room, Linux (resp.unix) and macintoshes
B husett - entrance 27, close to the Java Cafe (rooms SU00-SU.., unix). IDA computers. Also CYD Poolen (in front of the library)(Note:you can run Internet Explorer on UNIX: /sw/ie-5.0/bin/iexplorer)
E husett- go through B husett, entrance 27, to the very end. On the left side, there are PC rooms (Windows 2000). IDA computers.
Key husett - on the ground floor either behind the cafe or at the right side (WinNT, macintosh)
Nationernas hus (next to the Domkyrkan) - no account needed


At IDA computers (SU, PC rooms) - for free.
At public comp. rooms (C and also Key I think) - you can print for 0.5SEK/copy, but first you need your print account. Go to the Key husett to IT support (groundfloor, right side).


At Key, in the comp. room behind the cafe.


B husett -  Kvartersbiblioteket (mainly IT and natural sciences)
D husett - Humanistiska biblioteket (humanities etc)
Links: LiU library (search)


IDA computer and software

Some SW (run the following commands on some of the Solaris machines in SU rooms, building B, entrance 27):



Food - you can live well with 50SEK per day.It is really sufficient.
Dorms - around 2224 SEK/month.(Note: normally you will be asked to pay by post which costs approx. 25SEK more, so it's a good idea to arrange some other way of doing that. Ask in the company or univ.)
Transport - nothing if you've a bike, which is really necessary. But don't buy it in Ryd. I got mine near to the shopping centre in Skäggetorp (at the north of Ryd). There is a bike shop and if you buy a new bike, they give you money for your old one, so they've lot of old bikes. I took one which the shop assistent  hadn't checked yet, so it was a bit risky (it could have been broken ...), but no pain no gain. It's more less OK (lights, lock etc) for 500SEK. If you want to travel, it's expensive. E.g. for train to Norrköpping (30 minutes) you pay some 50SEK. If you go to Stockhlom, it's cheaper by a train (do not take X2000!) except Friday and Sunday (then take a bus, around 160,-).
Merydian - search for other students' mails or addresses and register yourself!

Prices in Sweden

This is a short overwiev of some often used food. The prices are the lowest of the common ones.
approximate common price in SEK (the lower one)

Dairy products etc.

cheese 1kg (ost) 50 - 60
margarin 1kg (margarin) 16 - 22
milk (mjölk) 6.5
yoghurt 1 liter 12
icecream 2 l (glass) 16
eggs 1 kg 24 (approx. 1 egg/1.50)

Breakfast stuff

oat flakes 1kg (havregryn) 9 - 10
müsli 1kg 18
knackebröd 0.5 kg 10 - 20
toast bread 1kg 19

Vegetable & Fruits

apples 1kg 10 - 15
frozen vegetable (spinach, mixture, ...) 1kg 15 - 24
leek (purjolök) 1 kg 15 - 25

Other stuff

potatoes 1 kg 6
rice 1 kg 6 - 10
spaghetti 1 kg 9
couscous 1 kg 19


After Arrival

Account etc.

1. You need to get your student ID ("Kårkvitto") - in Kårallen (in campus), on the left there's "Kårexpeditionen", an office where you can get it. You pay approx. 220SEK. In few weeks you'll receive a plastic ID card.
2.With the ID go to Zenit or  Key huset. There're "IT expeditionen". You show your ID and ask for the account. It will take some days before it starts working. To get the account, you must registered for a course.

Registration for courses

1. fetch a learning agreement form in Origo in the coordinator's office. Complete the form and give it to your faculty coordinator (Janerik Lundquist in the HusEtt, room 219 for LiTH) must register for the  courses at deparetments, unless you study at LiTH

Bank account

Necessary, I think. You can open one easily in SE Banken (on Stora Torget, the main square in Lin.). You need your passport and student ID (I think).


created by Jakub Holy 2001AD